Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Post - DIY Sugar Scrub by @miriyap

Hello, I’m @miriyap on twitter and I’m here to help @teawithfrodo out by doing a guest blog post while she is spelunking the wilds of TN!  I’ve recently discovered the joy of DIY, from homemade laundry detergent to sewing my own cloth grocery tote bags for shopping (better than paper or plastic, right?).  Not only does it save money in these difficult economic times, but there is a certain sense of satisfaction to be derived in using something you made yourself (a least for me)!

Today I will be sharing an easy peasy DIY facial sugar scrub recipe with you.  The recipe is courtesy of @58andGrace (who runs a lovely etsy shop and she swears by it!  So here we go!

Easy Peasy DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe


--1/3 cup of oil (extra virgin olive oil, or combine natural oils easily found in local health food stores to 1/3 cup)

In a mixing bowl, combine the following:

--1 cup light brown sugar
--1 cup dark brown sugar
--1/4 cup Sugar in the Raw (Cane Sugar)
--2 tbs vanilla extract 
--1 tbs cinnamon 
--1 tsp Pumpkin Spice

Pour in the oil.

Mix well and voila!

Done!  I divided the mix equally into half-pint canning jars, and you can decorate with your own label or tie a pretty ribbon around the jar (I didn’t beribbon my jars because I’m crap at tying bows).

They make great gifts!

@miriyap is a freelance graphic designer who spends way too much time on twitter. She has a Hubby & two kids.  She loves to read, sew and shout filthy invectives at her friends.

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