Friday, September 16, 2011

A little bit of Memphis

I was bad and didn't really take many pictures in Memphis.  We drove by Graceland, and yes, it really is in the ghetto. 
Most of the time was spent looking at apartment complexes.  We luckily found one we love only 5 miles from where Ben will be working. Instead of getting another car we decided to get a scooter.
Honda nhx110
I already told Ben that I plan to borrow it for short trips to the store. I'm also planning on Mod Podging my helmet. There will be a ton of crafting and home decor posts once we start to get settled in and I'm really excited about that.

Here's the most out of place thing in Memphis.  This pyramid looks like it belongs in Vegas.

This is the town square that is right by Ben's workplace. I'm in love with with old fashioned service station and gas pumps.

 Fresh Sushi and Deli...this was at the BP.  And I thought the Dunking Donuts/Sushi place in Boston was odd.

We're looking forward to being back down in Memphis. 

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