Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bowling Bunnies

Last year I bought a 2011 sewing calendar that has 2 projects per week.  I've been wanting to make the bowling bunnies (the ones pictured) but have been putting it off because of Garrett's stacking and lining up habits.

It may not seem like a big deal to some people but Garrett feels the need to almost obsessively line things up.  We know it's part of his autism and make sure that he doesn't do it for long periods anymore.  At one point we watched him line up empty soda bottles for 30 minutes.  If they got knocked down he would get annoyed and line them up again, that was the point when I shelved the bowling bunnies project.

At Garrett's last home visit I brought it up with his case worker who told me that it would be a good thing to make them because we could turn it in to a game.  It's ok for him to line things up if there is a purpose to it (like playing a game) and it would be good for him to make a game out of it.
Our hallway doubles as a great bowling alley

I decided to make them without faces, there is still a front and back, but the lack of faces makes him less likely to line things up exactly. 
Lining up the bunnies


Lea said...

What a cool project!

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