Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holy Cow!

Forgive me if I don't post as much for a while.  Ben got a job in Memphis, Tennessee so we will be moving.
It's exciting and scary at the same time. This is a good thing for us. It's a company Ben can stay with for a long time and Memphis is a lovely place to set down some roots.

The next month will be filled with all sorts of moving things.


Lea said...

I'm so glad!!!  Mazel tov!!

Michelle Malone said...

Ok I tried to type out a comment about ten times and it wouldn't let me. So check your gmail account that's on your profile! HA!

The gist of the email is that I'm from Memphis too and would be glad to help with whatever you need :)

teawithfrodo said...

I did indeed get the email,  I'll be responding to it shortly.