Thursday, November 13, 2008

knitting away

should have pair 3 out of 5 done by tomorrow for the fingerless gloves.
I finished another pair someone on etsy requested.

After that I have 2 pairs of convertible mittens...and then another possible commission after that. I'm glad to be bringing in the money.

Last night on chat someone came into a room and tried to get me to say something bad about the persons who previously decided to stop talking to me.
I didn't say anything bad, but I know that they'll say something else.
*shrugs* Oh well...I think it just proves that it really isn't worth it. I had left them the ability to talk to me, not send someone in to try and get me to say shit.

PT is going well...I had a migraine Saturday, but haven't had one since then. I'm also looking into acupuncture to help with fertility.

As tired as I am these days I'm not letting things stop me and I'm still moving forward. And I'm going to take a moment and be proud of myself.

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