Monday, February 25, 2013

6 weeks and counting

It's been 6 weeks since my surgery. I've gone from 700ccs to 1200ccs in this time period.
There have been lots of emotional ups and downs. I am seeing who is really here for me. I'm very lucky to have so many people who have been an amazing support to me.

This weekend I made a big decision.
Story and pictures after the jump.

I decided to give myself a little time before my next fill. No, it isn't the pain talking which seems to be the popular question (and so what if it is). I think I may actually be happy with the size. It's just hard to tell because so much of the saline is still up by my clavicle.

6 weeks post op. 1200ccs
As you can see from the picture part of my adhesion has "released" (which seems to be the nice way of saying it tore). You can also see how much of the fluid is above my armpits. I'm going to wait a month and see if I am happy with the size or if I want to continue my fills.

My plastic surgeon is not only on board with this but happy that I made the suggestion. In the end they want me to look great and feel great. I'd rather take my time and be certain. Not to mention a break from weekly fills will be nice.

If you'd like to help support others with hereditary and genetic dispositions towards breast cancer please donate to my local FORCE group on our Firstgiving Page. Every little bit helps us educate and support those in need.

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