Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Name my serger contest/giveaway

My new serger is in, but it doesn't have a name.  You know me, it needs a name.
I had been planning to do some sort of giveaway when I reached 100 followers. Since I reached that milestone while we were in the middle of moving it got pushed back.

So I'm having a contest. Name my serger! 
Name me!!!
This is a Singer Stylist Serger.  I'm open to the strange and unusual names. In case you were wondering here are the names of my other 2 machines:
I have a Singer Stylist Sewing machine named Zoe (Zoh).  Because the first stylist to come to mind was Rachel Zoe.
My sewing/embroidery machine is a Brother machine from the Project Runway line. He's names Mondo, because Mondo was cheated out of a win.

The rules for this contests are really simple:
1: You can enter as many times as you want.  You can have multiple entries in 1 comment.  I'm choosing the winner by the name I like best so feel free to comment with any names you think of.
2: You need to be following me. Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Network Blogs, etc...just let me know how you are following me when you comment.
3: If you don't have an email attached to your name when you comment please include one so I can contact you if you are the winner.

The winner gets to choose their hand made prize (within reason).
Want a lunch bag?
How about a tablet cover?
Even homemade baby legs

This contest will be open until Thursday June 7th (which also happens to be my birthday).


Lea said...

Well, because it's the kind of nerd I am... I think "serger" sounds like "surgeon," so I'm gong to go ahead and suggest all sorts of names on that train on thought.

First, obviously, is Who.  As in, The Doctor.

Next, Crusher.
Bones.  (Or McCoy.  Your call on that one).
And of course, Dr. Julian.


Back to McCoy... "Hank."  As in "Hank McCoy."  As in, "Beast."  Which is also an awesome name for a serger.

Doc, as in Doc from Back to the Future.

Watson.  He was a doctor.

Las but not least, Aragorn.  Not a doctor, but a healer.  You know.  Of sorts.

....all in all, I think this is ten suggestions.

teawithfrodo said...

 Between, Dr Who, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings you just hit on 3 of my favorite fandoms.
Beast would be funny too. 
Power to nerds :)

Jena Marie DiPinto said...

I like Lea's idea of Beast, because a serger is one hell of a beast. :)
On the line of doctors, I've always been partial to the dopey joke from "Scrubs" of a vampire named Dr. Acula.
Here's one that's a stretch, but follow me... Lancelot. Because it's a Sir Ger. And he's a knight... but also because lances stab... and needles stab... and a serger has multiple needles, so they stab a lot...
Yup. I'm all out.

TeawithFrodo said...

I'm loving these ideas.

Myranda Alsaadi said...

Brain.... Louis...... Coco......da'vette....Pinky.....if you are going for supa me..... I think it's a girl so Arwen, Gwenavere, Kahlan. Got a few more comin. Gimme a few hours.

teawithfrodo said...

 ahahaha, Dr Acula.

Jesse Weinstock said...

 Ill give 2:
Call it "Lilo" and you can hop on lilo and stitch :)

or as far as star trek and sewing, call it garrak for the only tailor in the ST series.

selena silvestro said...

Sergio Valente! I'm partial to Italians of course! As a girl of the 80's, "Sergios" were fabulously fashionable jeans. 
"Sergio" is a handsome hunk of a machine.  He's very handy, multi-talented, and up for any task! I'm sure his stamina is outstanding too. He'll never let you down, no matter how big your demands are. ;-)

teawithfrodo said...

 I'm saying that with a fantastic accent "saaargrio" rolling my r of course.

selena silvestro said...

Ohhhh Sergio.... I have a big job for you to do today....I am going to wear you OUT!

teawithfrodo said...


Alberta Curry-Allen said...