Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What my posts would look like in real time.

I thought it would be interesting to write a post that shows all the distractions and work I do when I try and take a few minutes to write up a blog entry. (started at 9:40am)
Dog just jumped on my lap demanding snuggles, which reminds me I need to start the laundry.   I'm about to get up when Garrett climbs onto the couch disturbing Aloysius who is none too happy and runs off growling and barking back into his crate.
I'm lucky that I have my laptop in the living room so I can see everything going on while allowing me to get work online done. 
right, laundry...need to get that started...ok laundry in the machine.  Need to make the bed.  Where is my tea? dog decided to stay in the bedroom
Garrett is a good independent player so I know I can probably get 10-15 minutes at a time to do something. 
He's pulling something on the drying rack.  Darn, wet bags need to get put away.  couch got moved over, dog now wants out of the bedroom
I don't know about other SAHMs, but I'm running around all day doing little things. 
living room is a mess of toys, need to clean this up.  While bending to clean under the mega blocks under the couch Garrett decides he wants a horsey back ride. We all got distracted by Doctor Who.  Oh yes, there's my tea. I just put all those toys away and now he's pulling them out again.

I realize it is now 10:04am.  I've been running around for almost 30 minutes. I'm exhausted.  Someone give my toddler the memo.

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