Friday, February 4, 2011

Free or Cheap Fridays : Rewards Cards

They take up room in your pocket and are annoying to carry around but boy do they save you money.  Just about every store has a rewards card, if they don't offer you one you can ask about it.
I only have 1 rule about rewards cards: Don't pay for them unless you shop at that store frequently.  Most stores are free but occasionally you find places, like Game Stop, that make you pay for their rewards program.

From Babies R Us to Sephora you can get rewards cards just about anywhere.  Plus if you download the Key Ring app for your smartphone you can easily see what current offers and coupons they have and even use them right from your phone.
The 1 on the right side indicates and additional offer or available coupon.

When I signed up for the Panera card I got a free coffee drink.  Gymboree sends me coupons that I use on sale items (and save even more).  Sephora gives you a free gift when you get to either 100 or 500 points ($1=1 point) you also get notices about giveaways for beauty insiders (their name for the card holders).  My points don't expire so even if I don't get makeup very often I can still get a freebie. 
My favorite card has to be the Godiva rewards card because it gets me a free truffle every month.  Just go in, show them your card and pick out which truffle you want.

Even my health insurance company has it's own version of the CVS card which helps me save even more money on medicines (since they are tax deductible) I may buy and keeps track of what we buy to make it easier to submit to our flex spending account. 

It doesn't cost anything to sign up for these and with my Key Ring app they don't even take up any extra room in my pocket. From coupons to freebies to member exclusives it just makes sense to take the 2 minutes to sign up for these cards.

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