Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mommy is the best medicine

Being both a child and now a mother I understand this on many levels. However this weekend I wanted my mommy when I ended up in the ER with the stomach flu.   I was so dehydrated that I needed 2 bags of fluid in addition to all the water they had me drinking.
My mom lives in North Carolina.  I'm in Massachusetts. I miss the days when we could go see her any weekend we wanted to.  None of our family lives close by so when I'm sick I've got to suck it up.  But I wasn't well, and I needed my mommy.  So she hopped on a plane and flew up to Boston to help me out for a few days.  

With Garrett and I both getting over colds it's been very helpful to have her here.  Plus she gets bonus time with her grandson.  

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