Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Fun Day: Cranberry Bogs and Plymouth Rock

It's almost Thanksgiving and in New England that means CRANBERRIES!  
So off we went down to Flax Pond Cranberry Co. to see their bogs.

Unlike the Ocean Spray commercials this particular bog is dry harvested which means that you can see the foliage in the bog.
I love the deep burgundy of the cranberry plants.  I asked Kathy (our guide) about the color.  It turns out that the color isn't from the cranberries themselves but rather from the leaves that change color in the fall just as the trees do.   

 We watched them sort out the cranberries.  Garrett thought it was funny how they bounced about.

He also hammed it up for the camera a little bit.  Which was fine with me because I love this shot.

 After that we got in the car and drove the next town over to Plymouth.

 Where apparently I am selling fried dough.

The park was full of re-enactors from different time periods.

 And a tent showing off pelts and other things that can be found when you visit the Plimoth Plantation.

No trip to Plymouth is complete without seeing Plymouth Rock.

Or the Mayflower 2, which always reminds me just how small the Mayflower was.

Garrett helped daddy walk down the street.

And then we decided to share a cup of hot cocoa and call it a day.

It was loads of fun.  Other then the cup of cocoa (and gas) we didn't spend a penny.  I hope that Garrett will grow up learning about the interesting things that surround him.  The history is truly amazing.

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