Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great gift ideas: fused plastic

Plastic?  For a gift?  What about reusable bags, biodegradable and things that are safe for the environment?  You know that tube of plastic bags you have?  Well this is the perfect way to recycle them into something really cool.
I love the colors on this bag

Once it's fused the plastic gets very rigid.

There are tons of tutorials online or you could pick up a book such as Upcycled Accessories to get ideas.
I'm really enjoying working with plastic and coming up with funky creations.  One of my favorites is a purse I made for a friends daughter using the bag from our Halloween candy. 

You can even get more adventurous and add crayon shavings or confetti to your fused plastic to make different colors and pattern. 

Plastic bags are perfect for making bibs as well.  The best part is that you have all the materials at home and are reusing plastic bags in a fun way.

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