Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Antibiotics and PICC Lines and Drains - OH MY!

I'm glad to say that my stitches have come out. I'll still have my drain and PICC line for another week though.
This is the lovely PICC line in my left arm

This week hasn't been without its own challenges. I ended up with an allergic reaction to my IV antibiotics. While it was nothing life threatening it certainly was upsetting. I ended up with a very nasty skin reaction on my inner/upper thigh area and on my outer vaginal lips.
My IV antibiotics have been switched and the cortisone cream/salve regimen I'm using is helping my skin heal.
My daily regimen

I've got another week on the antibiotics. It really sucks that I can't lift much while the PICC line is in.

So here it is, how everything looks now.
Picture after the jump.

My right side is still swollen and will hopefully end up a lot closer in size to my left side.
My stitches on the right side came out but you can still see the scar is a lot more red on the right. I've got a drain on the right and a PICC line on the left.
Admittedly I'm freaked out by the PICC line. It empties right in to my heart and makes me feel far more vulnerable than I'd like to be.
With my PICC Line cover. You can see how much of a difference there is between the sides.

Here's to hoping I have no more snafus.

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Shelly H.-Wilkerson said...

Glad to hear you're doing better.