Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Recently Ben was asked by his co-workers if he had done any "stupid Northern tricks". Ben remarked that he got all excited when he saw the cotton fields.
Me, I hadn't done anything at that point that could have been considered a Northern thing.  Until this weekend (and I still say it was more of a crafting thing that a Northern thing).  We drove by fields upon fields of cotton and we noticed that there was a lot of cotton on the side of the road. It had blown off the plants and was just sitting there.  I wondered what completely natural cotton felt like so Ben slowed the car down and I leaned out and grabbed a piece.

The touch, the feel of cotton.

It was really soft and cotton dust went in to the air when I pulled it apart. I removed a couple seeds (and realized why they had slaves do it...ouch!).  We later found out that they don't care if you pick it up off the side of the road as long as you don't pick it off the plant itself.  

If I had space to spin (and learned to do so) I'd go with a bag and pick it up and spin it in to yarn. It would be amazing to dye.  Maybe in the future when we own our home again I'll have more space.

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