Sunday, April 12, 2009

first and foremost...
some people do not get the point to go away. "Wah wah, I'm 25 and I haven't had a baby yet...I hate that"
please leave from my life and complain when you have something important to complain about. If the only thing you can criticize is that I should have a baby because I'm asking people for stuff...
we could afford all the baby stuff on our own. But Ben was laid the money that we had saved may have to go towards the mortgage. *shrugs* all you ever whine about is how old you feel at'll probably end up with a pregnant teenage child if you teach them that attitide.

otherwise this weekend was great. Got to see the in laws and some old friends.
And although our tenant moved out he left us a nice gift card which we can put to use.
we also have much more baby clothing then we thought (at least for 0-3) and are pretty set on that. we have a bunch of things for 3-6 months.
Lots of family members are knitting us afghans.
Ben has a job lead in South Carolina. We really hope this pans out. Moving would be hell with 4 pets and a pregnant lady, but it's a good job. And even with a contract position he may get permanently hired. We keep hoping he hears about this one.

We're spending Easter at home with the pets. I need to do laundry. But otherwise it's just a day of knitting baby things for me.

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