Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm seeing the dichotomy between friends right now.
I just had someone tell me that it's too early to be thinking about all these things for my baby.
I'm pregnant...I instantly start thinking about things for the baby.

And fuck, I'm not saying people need to buy me shit.
I'm saying that I'm overwhelmed by this. And that I hope that things will start coming in so I can feel a little less stressed.

I am in no way saying "people buy me stuff, wah wah"
so telling me when people will start buying me stuff doesn't make me feel better.
I'm pregnant and stressed. I know not everyone on my friends list can understand that.
I know a few of you barely respect that.
But seriously...don't make me feel shitty for thinking about these things now.
I honestly think that it makes me a better parent because I want to provide for my child.

I'm not expecting anything from anyone.
I can't throw a baby shower. The economy is bad. I was just stating what would help take the pressure off of me.
I'd like to get stuff off the registry. I'd like to bring in some extra money.

But I guess it's too early to think about what I need for my baby.
If you can't be supportive please kindly take a flying fuck off a short peer.

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