Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fun with morning sickness

Today the lemur decided that being nauseous wasn't enough. I had to vomit.
Not only that...but I had to do it so hard that I hurt my jaw and gave myself a raging headache. I can deal with the vomiting...but not if I get a headache every time.

This Friday I'll be 8 weeks along and the baby will officially be a fetus. It's amazing to think I have a little life form growing inside of me. Then again this kid knocks the energy right out of me.

We're putting together our registry so when we hit the second trimester we have things together. Boy do babies need a lot. I wish I could get some more commissions to save up a little more money. I'm doing my best to knit stuff for the baby. And once I find out the sex it will be a bit easier to choose colors.

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