Sunday, September 28, 2008

Because I can...

while I'm no where near pregnant I do everything I can to prepare.
I've been making lists of things that I'll need, bookmarking websites, all that sort of fun stuff. We've even started an account for all things baby.

Today I decided that I wanted to make a template for a birth announcement. When the time comes it will really be the last thing on our minds. I'd also prefer to have it out of the way now. I had an idea for a green and yellow dot background, but I couldn't find anything online that I liked.
So I tried my hand at creating a background in Photoshop. It's fairly unisex, which is what I was looking for. Plus when the time comes it's pretty much all ready.

So here it is...

Now I just need to get pregnant...

at least this is one things out of the way.
I also bought the base part for the mobile I want to make.
I know I'll be overwhelmed when I'm getting things out of the way now will help. Plus it will keep me motivated and occupied.

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